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4 classes we offer below


  • BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS)  (previously known as HCP) is designed for Health Care Providers such as PSW, nurses and paramedics dental hygienist Fire fighters' who require Basic Life support


Date: January 7, 2024

Rating: /five stars


I had the opportunity of training with Peter in BLS. Despite me being the only trainee on a Sunday morning , he did not cancel my appointment. I really appreciated that. Apart from this, the class was very informative and he cleared most of my doubts regarding some of the situations, where just theoretical knowledge is not enough.


Date January 17, 2024

Rating: Five stars


I loved the class. It has taught me a lot of new things. It was a thorough class.
I would highly recommend it.


Date:  January 26, 

Rating: 5 Stars


highly recommend CPR 4 LIFE if you are needing a standard first aid cpr c or a CPR BLS certification. I did both. T
hey were very educational
I have a lot more confidence in helping now.


date: January 20th
Rating: 5 starts
I had a Friend who recommended CPR 4 LIFE. I took the Standard first aid CPR BLS course with Peter. He is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable on both standard first aid CPR BLS. The BLS has to be done every year,  I will do it again with Peter
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