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Standard First aid CPR C Renewal

A one day in-class In Order To Be Eligible And Qualify For A Recertification Course:
You Must Have A Current Valid Red Cross Certificate. A Red Cross Emergency First Aid CPR/AED C Certificate Receive A Red Cross Standard First Aid CPR/AED C Re-cert Certificate 


Emergency first Aid CPR C

 A one-day course offering lifesaving first aid
and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for
the workplace or home. Receive A Red Cross Emergency First Aid CPR/AED C Certificate  

Standard First Aid CPR/AED C   

• Ontario WSIB Approved

• Half Online, Self Paced Learning

• Half In-Class, Instructor Led Training

• SAME Certification as a regular 2 day course

• 3 year Standard First Aid certification


BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) CPR & AED no first aid (previously known as CPR-HCP) is designed for Health Care Providers such as doctors, nurses and paramedics who require CPR/AED with Health Care Provider certification. This was previously known as Level HCP

Standard First Aid CPR BLS 

(BLS) Training is required by all professionals and students of healthcare. The training professionals requiring Basic Life Support training which include nurses, healthcare assistants, paramedics, dentists, rescue workers, sports medicine professionals, firefighters, etc

The two-day session really helped me to understand the basics of first aid as well as what to do while facing an emergency. Peter really made the session fun and informative with all the real life experiences he had come across. I am sure that i will be able to have a clear head and make decisions on how to help someone having an emergency after attending the CPR-4-LIFE First Aid classes with Peter.


Took the Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C. It was a great experience with Peter as a very knowledgeable instructor. It always adds a level of depth when an instructor has real life experience with the material which Peter was willing to share. Great course, highly recommended!
Today I did my first time CPR/AED course . I'm so happy that I found exactly the right place and very professional instructor Peter. I would like to say a huge Thank you for the easiest explanation .
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